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10 things to do about Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn you may be not know

06. 02. 2020
  1. The charismatic team of Birds of Prey mainly consists of superheroes who lived and worked in Gotham. Later, of course, they worked worldwide. It was found by Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl / Oracle and Black Canary. Their first comic was released in June 1996 under the title Black Canary / Oracle: Birds of Prey # 1.

  2. Harley‘s name is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, she has a PhD in psychology, she is extremely intelligent and, according to some, a genius. In addition, she has excellent athletic and gymnastic skills at the level of Olympic winners.

  3. The pair of  Black Canary and Oracle were joined by others – Huntress, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Katana, but also Nightwing (the original Robin) and many other heroes.

  4. The relationship between Harley and Joker is not romantic at all. On the contrary. It is a toxic relationship in which Joker uses Harley, manipulates her and is extremely violent against her. After Harley had the courage to leave Joker, she used his skills to good-adopt abandoned dogs, buy a home where homeless people can live and work with Batman.

  5. The name Birds of Prey corresponds to what they do – after the night they hunt criminals like a predatory bird their prey.

  6. The daughter of director and screenwriter Kevin Smith (Silent Bob, Clerks, Zack and Miri Make a Porno) Is called Harley Quinn Smith. It was not his name, but his wife, who wanted to make him happy.

  7. Birds of Prey is located in Gotham Clock Tower, called the Watchtower. There are the most modern and powerful computers. Because of it Oracle manages all operations and also helps Batman, who finances the group.

  8. Harley Quinn did not appear in comics for the first time, but in the animated series Batman: The Animated series, in which Joker was dubbed by Mark Hamill. It was supposed to be just an episode character, but Harley immediately won the hearts of fans and became  one of the most popular characters from Batman’s world.

  9. In 2002, the TV series Birds of Prey was created, which followed the Batman films of Tim Burton. The series, unfortunately, was not very good and was finished after the first season.

  10. Harley received a special serum from Poison Ivy to be immune to Joker’s toxins – giving him immunity to poisons, Scarecrow‘s gas, etc.



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