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5 facts you didn’t know about Stranger Things

18. 10. 2019

Stranger Things series is a phenomenon that has received attention from millions of fans around the world. Who wouldn’t know the legendary Eleven and a group of good friends consisting of Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas. It’s not entirely only about the children though – you have great young adults Nancy, Jonathan, Steve and then there are grown adult characters as for example Jim Hopper or Joyce Byers. Today we have prepared 5 interesting facts from the world of Stranger Things that you may not know – this includes the series itself or the backstage production.


Let’s start with something simple, that can however surprise a lot of people. At least thanks to the opening credits you should probably know that the names of the creators of the show are Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer. The fact that they are brothers is more or less obvious, however a lot of people have no idea these brothers are twins. Not only that, their entire life has been pretty much identical – they both took interest in movies when they were young, they both eventually moved to Los Angeles to study film and ever since then they are both writing scripts and stories together. A bit of a „plot twist“ (😊) at the end of this part – their initial success happened after M. Night Shyamalan read their script.

Billy Hargrove was surprisingly one of the positive aspects of the latest season. The high school bully all of a sudden became a victim of „The Upside Down“ and he turned into a relatable and tragic character. An interesting fact is what happened during the audition for this role. Dacre Montgomery, who is currently portraying Billy in the series, got extremely wild and halfway through reading his script he put on „John Lennon styled“ sunglasses, played Duran Duran music in the background and eventually he ended up without a t-shirt. The Duffer brothers were so impressed by this craziness that they immediately gave the role to Dacre. You can still find the video on the internet by the way…



A bit crazy and rude character of Murray Bauman, who is portrayed by Brett Gelman, is another one from the list of characters that are being deloped more and more each season. His character is built around conspiracies and small details. Apparently the creators were fully aware of that because in one scene in the third season you can clearly see his home phone number – 618-625-8313 – and you can actually call this number in real life! Not only that, there is a quite long pre-recorded message that you can listen to and it was recorded by Gelman himself in the style of his character (we do not advise you to try this from Europe due to phone bill 😊).

One of the most famous moments of the third season is currently the one scene where Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and his girlfriend Suzie (Gabriella Pizzolo) are singing the „NeverEnding story“ theme song in an unbelievably dramatic moment. What you probably don’t know is that originally they were supposed to sing the song of Ents from Lord of the Rings. You may be thinking: „Sure, less people would recognise that song and that is why they changed it.“ The real reason however, is that Amazon is preparing a Lord of the Rings series on their own streaming service and The Duffer brothers were worried that Netflix might have issues with this song being used here.



In the end we will present you two decisions that could have altered the series entirely.  Things do not always go the way you are planning and this series is no exception. For example Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Steve (Joe Keery) were supposed to be dead after the first season. The show was originally supposed to be just a mini-series  (some say even an anthology – it means the additional seasons would be about something completely different), at the end of which Eleven was supposed to sacrifice herself to save the world. On the other hand Steve was supposed to be the „worst human being on the planet“ and the plan was for him to receive what he deserved at the end. Well, right now you are most likely aware of the fact that both of these characters went different directions and it wasn’t a bad decision. 😊




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