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Best gift ideas for women

20. 11. 2019

The perfect time to do some gift-shopping! Sometimes it’s quite simple and we know exactly what to give, but sometimes we just get stuck. Therefore, we have prepared several ideas how to please the majority of people – women 😂🤷🏼‍♀️.

One general rule to follow

Right from the start, it’s good to mention something really important. If you can’t think of something bigger, or you are afraid to take risks with something more expensive that she might not even like – make her a gift pack full of different things she likes. Most of us doesn’t have time to buy all the small (often necessary) things after all. 



When you know she is obsessed  with some movie, TV show, music artist or video game

  1. Mugs & CupsEven though it’s not the latest trend anymore, it is still very popular. Whether she wants to be more environmentally friendly and doesn’t want to always buy new water bottles and to-go coffee cups, or often forgets to drink enough water and a new bottle could motivate her – this would be the perfect gift. And there is never enough mugs in the house 😉. Our tips: Eco-cup Huskup or this great Marvel cup.
  2. T-shirts & sweatshirts: Some girls just love simple style, when they can wear only some simple jeans with some creative B&W T-shirt. Just like our beautiful cute baby Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian series👆🏼
  3. Posters: A great gift ide for someone who has an empty wall in the apartment or a stain on the wall 😅. Top tip: Daddy’s Lil Monster poster from Suicide Squad.
  4. Canvas Bags: A new favourite bag? You can’t have enough of them. We recommend this one with the coat of arms of Hogwarts of Harry Potter, or a darker one with Iron Maiden.
  5. And if you are certain that she will like anything as long as it has the mark of the right movie/TV show, buy her a gift set! We suggest: Marauders Map gift set with a mug, a coaster and a keychain from Harry Potter.




When you want to give her something more personal

We have thousands of photos on our phones, but hanging one on the wall that captures some unique moment, has a completely different charm. Giving someone a picture of you two together is a great way to express how much you care about this person and how you value all the moments that you share. You can print them in various formats on photo paper or canvas through our website.



When you know she loves to travel

  1. Scratch Maps: Perfect for keeping track of all the places she has visited! Plus, it looks really nice on the wall and the scraping is quite satisfying. 😁
  2. Framed travel photos: You can print, for example, a beautiful photo of her past trips. Or put more photos together in a photo collage, mindmap, or a timeline with added arrows and comments, and then print it  on larger photo paper or canvas.
  3. Wall of inspiration: Is traveling to Machu Picchu or New York  one of her biggest dreams? Then you could give her a framed poster or a glass art print with that particular place. Or a poster (canvas) with a map! Maybe this will be the last impulse she needs to finally go there.
  4. Card holders: lots of tickets, lots of cards… Moreover, we don’t want to carry a huge wallet everywhere we go. For a night out or for the cards that we don’t need to use every day, a simple card holder is the perfect thing.

When you know she enjoys everyday moments:

  1. Tea set: Some tastefully designed tea set is definitely a good tip for grandmothers, mothers or even more romantic girlfriends. We recommend: Tea set by Sam toft 👇🏼
  2. Something for the kitchen: Bowls and glasses get often broken. On the other hand, most people love food and don’t need any extra motivation to eat. However, some people may have a problem with eating breakfast. Therefore, we suggest buying them a nice bowl for morning cereals to motivate them.
  3. Puzzles & board games: Does she enjoy the time spent together, whether it is a chat or some fun activity within the warmth of home? Does she like to relax through activities, where she doesn’t have to think the same way she does throughout the day, but doesn’t want to spend the whole day in bed? Buy her some unique 3D puzzle or a party game. 🙃



When you know she would prefer to spend all the days in a stationery

“I love diaries, highlighters, pens, to-do list, and everything that gives me a false illusion that I’m putting my life together.”

  1. Notebooks: tend to disappear almost faster than chocolate! Think about which one would be the best for her new secret diary, food/workout diary, travel diary, or any sort of diary. The best thing about this gift is that you can always think of 10 other ways to use it. Our tip: Stranger things notebook.
  2. Stationery: a motivation to take more notes? The thing that will keep you in her mind for long office/school hours? In any case, a good choice!
  3. Colouring books & stickers: For some people, colouring is an excellent way to relax. Stickers can revive every diary or notebook. This may not be a huge gift in itself, but if you put it in a gift package along with other well-targeted small gifts, you can actually hit the bull’s eye several times.

When she just moved in somewhere

  1. Paintings & posters on the wall: Investments in furniture are often more important than interior accessories. If you have at least a small idea what style she likes, or you know her favourite artist, don’t hesitate to reach for our beautiful canvas or fine art prints. Our tip: check out the Best sellers category.
  2. Doormats: awful weather, lots of mud, lots of water. The solution is a doormat! 
  3. Keychains: I don’t know about you, but I can never find my keys. A very good help for this is, for example, an interesting keychain. It doesn’t have to be extra heavy, just attractive enough to catch a person’s eye. 😅
  4. Magnets: Something refreshing for a refrigerator or a radiator? 



We hope this was at least a little bit helpful and wish you all the luck with the gift-picking!




Movies and design enthusiast who believes that despite the rules, her Patronus would be Joey Tribbiani or a giant coffee mug.

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