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BLURSBYAI: The most beautiful illustrations for every interior!

26. 03. 2024

Blursbyai – who is behind this alias? She is a Spanish based architect and designer Rosana Laiz García who created her own brand in 2013. Many of you already have illustrations and maps by this talented artist at home, and many others are still thinking about buying a poster or wall art with her motifs. A personal and open interview will surely convince you to support your favourite artist. Here we go…!

What are the origins of your Blursbyai alias and what does it really mean?

Blursbyai is a wordplay of blur (which reminds me of an ink or watercolour smudge) and the Japanese word ai (meaning love or affection). Blursbyai for me means that you can convert a watercolour blurring into something beautiful with a little bit of loving work and skill.

But going back to the very beginning, what shaped your distinctive artistic style? Why did you decide to illustrate maps?

I remember painting and doodling since my childhood; however, the training I was given during my academic formation as an architect has greatly affected my work. We studied structures and calculations, of course, but we were also formed in art history and theory and drawing and painting skills.

Your art is very diverse. How would you describe it?

As I see it, my work consists of three, four styles:

  • The maps – These are directly related to architecture and urban planning. They require accuracy and know-how to be beautiful and readable at the same time. My first map was the world relief filled with gold colour (very bold and minimalistic) and then my customers started asking for maps that were more detailed, so I kept adding more and more maps! I decided to combine accuracy and beauty by colouring them with watercolour washes or surrounding them with hand painted flowers. My latest map is an Atlas-style map that contains lots of info while being pleasing to the eyes, in watercolor style.
  • The minimalistic and designer artworks, such as typography and scandi art – In architecture you are taught to keep things simple, modern, and stylish. Many times when I design I ask myself “what would my teacher think of this design?” My latest addition to this collection is an homage to the Bauhaus; like this poster that shows the contrast between cool and warm colors as per Johannes Itten theory of colors.
  • The paintings – The feeling of freedom that I get while painting is just nutrition for my soul. I’ve always felt this way but, during this year, after my dad suddenly passing away, painting helped me focus and let my mind fly away at the same time. The painterly collection is dedicated to the memory of my dad, Daniel Laiz Gordón and it started as a therapy for me to recover from this trauma. I tried to reflect colourful, beautiful abstract flowers using oil paint, crayons or watercolour pencils, in a way that was instinctive to me, that felt natural and that encouraged me to create beauty that could brighten other people’s day up. One of my newest artworks in this style is “Girl in a meadow” a loose and kinda-impresionist oil painting of a summer walk.

I’d also like to mention my photographs. I take them just for fun because sometimes I can’t restrain myself from shooting a picture of something beautiful around me (a flower, a leaf, a mountain…)

Rosana, what is your favourite colour?

Green! All shades of green are pleasing to me and to make them even better we can top them with something that sparkles, glitters or reflects light.

What is your inspiration?

I feel inspired mostly by what I see in my daily life and the beauty that can be found in the little things. I also like to browse interior design websites, current and vintage magazines and art books.

Louise May Alcott is quoted to have said “I’ve had a lot of troubles, so I write jolly tales”; I’d like to make the spirit of this saying my own: “Sometimes life gets gloomy, so I paint colourful jolly flowers“.

What is the first thing coming to your mind when you say UKposters? And how do you like our cooperation?

Working with UKposters is a pleasure! It has opened the door to the European market for me and the process is easy, streamlined and enjoyable. I love their offering of a marketplace for any emerging artist to join as it helps artists and photographers test the waters of the art-selling business.

On top of that, the quality of the products is spectacular, as you can see in this picture of two of my line and colored fruit artworks at my home.

And to conclude, what is your life dream, Rosana?

I wish I could live the rest of my life just like I do now. My life feels cosy: I’m happily engaged, my city is small, antique and beautiful, I have a family home in a tiny village, lots of family members, and there are three cats in my home.

My professional life dream gets fulfilled little by little each time someone purchases one of my artworks. Thinking that someone has chosen one thing that I made for their home or as a gift, fills my soul with gratitude and happiness!


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