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BORIS DRASCHOFF: Cubism and Kubistika are not the same

24. 04. 2024

Kubistika – who hides under this pseudonym? It is a Berlin artist and designer Boris Draschoff whose illustrations are trendy and have recently become so popular. Many of you can already pride in having them on the wall! In our interview, you will discover that even your walls tell a stronger story than it may seem at first glance. If you don’t know the collection Kubistika just yet, it’s high time to explore it.


The artistic name Kubistika does not coincidentally resemble the name of this modern art movement – Cubism. However, this is not only a sound match but also Boris’s great inspiration! His work lies in the embodiment of the reduction of objects to their very essence. Whether it’s restructuring structures and colours along cubist lines or creating amazingly outrageous pop-art collages, everything is underlined by the perfect harmony of pastel colours, modern gold and immortal black.

Our team decided to ask him everything about his life dreams and inspiration. We hope that thanks to this information, his art will find its way to your wall more easily. 


Boris, what is your favourite colour?

I use many warm and earthy colours that reflect nature which is one of the main elements in my works. But most people often say that the colour I use is mostly black. And they are right! It is my favourite colour. Why? Because it enhances the colour you combine it with, and it literally brightens it without the colour being left behind. This is a fascinating and unique characteristic of this colour for me. So, the answer is black!


But going back to the very beginning, what shaped your distinctive artistic style?

It took me maybe a hundred years! I remember a story my mum often tells: When I was about 6 years old, I invited my whole family to what I called my own art gallery. It was made of glued boxes with small pictures pasted inside. But I still think it counts as my first show. I remember that the pictures were quite a lot of colour. But since then, I’ve explored many different types of styles and techniques. And the older I got, the more and more fascinated I was with minimalist motifs, with a rather reduced colour palette. But to be honest, I feel that this is a lifelong process that will probably never end and will be constantly changing.

But now we can see that the main inspiration is nature. Do you have a favourite place where you like to return and where you draw inspiration?

I am thrilled to live in Berlin, in such a large and vibrant city, and at the same time I am surrounded by infinitely beautiful nature – only 30 minutes away by car. I like to walk along the Brandenburg lakes and let myself be inspired by the almost untouched nature.

In addition to nature, the curves of a woman’s body often appear on your works of art. What is your perception of beauty?

Personally, I am very fascinated by the basic natural shapes, especially circles and curves. I see the most beauty there. That is why these shapes are repeated in my art in many different ways and variations. The shapes of a woman’s body are just one of these elements – as are the moon and the sun.

You have mentioned the motifs of the sun and the moon. Do you believe in any natural or supernatural powers?

The moon, the sun and the silhouettes of natural elements appear in most of my artwork. I am fascinated by the simplicity of this beauty, despite how complex nature is. Take the sunset, for example – it’s basically a line and a semicircle, but when we watch the sunset, it creates strong and different emotions. In my book, this is amazing and inspiring.


And to conclude, what is your life dream, Boris?

To create an art that inspires many people, to spend a lot of time in nature and to share the beauty of life with your soulmate. So thank God, in my case, it’s a vivid dream that I’m very grateful for every day.


See the entire Kubistika collection here


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