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Edgy: Style for rebels and admirers of street art!

24. 03. 2020

Push the boundaries of your interior! Add some unusual colors and psychedelic or street motifs… Edgy style is well known to fans of fashion, but we’ll show you that it can be integrated into your interior as well. Read our tutorial on how to give your home this distinctive modern style!



A style for dark rebelious souls

The Edgy style has many forms, so we will present you the most interesting ones for inspiration. If you are a fan of darker music and love slightly depressive art, you will really like this style! First,  paint your walls in shades of gray. However, be careful – if your apartment lacks natural light and you don’t feel like having vampire’s den at home, better use light colours.  If you love black and white, we recommend you visit our Black & White Elegance collection. You can also find inspiration in the Glamour or Emotions collections. And if you incline to kind of  psychedelic  art and surrealism, Italian artist Riccardo Mascia or the Inexurable Time collection are the right choice for you! When it comes to furniture and accessories, the key material for you will be metal. 




Inspired by street art

The more positive form of Edgy style is inspired by cities and their streets. If you are not a big fan of colorful interiors again, then invite anonymous artist Banksy for help! You can hang his work on the wall in the form of paintings, or stick it directly as a wall mural. Admirers of colorful graffiti l can spray on their walls thier own creations or choose already created ones in our collection of street art wall murals. Grafitti isn’t your cup of tea? Does not matter! You can also be inspired by the work of French photographer Philippe Hugonnard, who created the NYC Watercolor collection, in which  is the American metropolis presented in all  the colors you can imagine.




Modern Art

The third option of Edgy  style is “interesting” art. These are mainly geometrical shapes, such as found in the work of Nancy Kouta. Her paintings will definitely not bore you, because they are not only random shapes, but also have their hidden meaning. See how long it takes  you to discover it! In addition, in her art she uses beautiful shades of purple and pink, which will make your interior really interesting.  Another good idea is to decorate your walls with caricatures – we recommend to check the  collection of caricatures by British illustrator Neale Osborne, featuring contemporary popular figures as well as well known composers and writers. And if the idea of ​​popular personalities in your home has inspired you, you can be see who  is hidden in the Scott J. Davis collection.   To fans of more abstract digital art we can only recommend the work of the French artist Jean Bosio, whose work is very original!


Edgy is a style for people who are not afraid to experiment a little and reveal their heart on the wall of their home. We have created a special collection with pictures and wall murals for you to  get inspiration.




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