Five Facts About: Banksy and His Graffiti Street Art

02. 05. 2017

Banksy is one of the most popular street artists who often creates political statements with his stencils and spray paint. His identity has remained a mystery throughout most of his fame, though there are a few claims that he has been revealed. We aren’t sure who he really is, but we gathered some five fun facts that you may not know about this graffiti artist!

Banksy Graffiti Wallpaper Mural; sizes and prices vary

1. There are claims his name is Robin Gunningham, also referred to as Robin Hood because he donates to various charities. There are many rumors circling the media, but we still don’t know for sure.

2. In 2015, Banksy created a dark and twisted version of Disneyland titled “Dismaland” in the UK. The temporary apocalyptic attraction featured rude coworkers, terrifying theme park rides and of course a lot of controversial artwork.

Banksy Graffiti Concrete Wall Wallpaper Mural; prices and sizes vary


3. He doesn’t sell his work through commercial art galleries… and it’s hard to find out what Banksy pieces are real or not, but he makes the money somehow.

4. In 2010, TIME Magazine named him as one of the world’s 100 most influential people. His political graffiti art has been publicized quite well throughout the world.

5. The movie Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) also helped spread his fame. He gives anonymous interviews throughout the movie, which further underlines his mysterious persona. It is up to the viewer to decide if what is shown in the “documentary” is real or fake.




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