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INSPIRATION: There’s no need to call a designer! 5 tips for designing your home

12. 03. 2019

You open a catalogue of a Swedish furniture company, and you feel like you´d like to have such a cosy home too. But when it comes to it you somehow have no clue where to start. What matches with what? Which colours to combine? Before you call a home designer or your mother (because mom always knows better), read our tips which can help you to transform your home to a place where you’ll feel good.


# Less is sometimes more

Let’s concentrate on the colour of the room first. Choose light colours in case of having smaller or dark apartment and you’d like to make it look bigger and lighter. In case you are a dark colours fan, you can use one on one of the walls. It will make your place homier. But never combine more than two colours – it is not the best idea to have one wall green, one yellow and the other red!


Talking about the colours of decorations, choose pictures which matches visually. What does it mean? Look at the photo above. These paintings match not only by topic but also by colours. It may not seem at the first look but if you look more carefully you’ll find out that the painting on the right contains almost all the colours as the one on the left.  If you’ll follow this rule nothing can go wrong!


#Surround yourself with Art



Are you fancy of art and art galleries are like a second home to you? Get yourself a reproduction of your favourite painting. Again, it is better to not exaggerate the amount of paintings and choose those which have something in common. It could the author, the period it comes from or once again the colours. But careful! Combining Da Vinci with Kandinsky would be too much even though both artists used green colour. In modern interiors look good authors like Gustav Klimt, Joan Miró or Salvador Dalí.


Not a big fan of art galleries but you do love street art? Then the right choice for you would be a wall mural with Banksy graffiti reproduction. In case of having your place furnished with antique furniture it is not a bad idea to choose among French masters such as Claude Monet or August Renoir.


#Don’t be afraid to use posters and photographs



Are you a big fan of music and movies? You might think that favourite bands posters are something fitting only teenager’s room but it is far from the truth. If you get the poster framed it becomes a perfect piece of accessory.  Posters made of art photographs of bands or albums have a really good effect. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley or Justin Bieber, in a nice frame the poster will look great. The same works for movie poster. And if you feel like you could use some motivation, try some motivational posters. They perfectly fit apartments with clean colours. If you use a mat on your poster you’ll make it a true piece of art. So, go for it! Surround yourself with what you like!




#Dream with wall murals

Do you love travelling? Do you have your favourite metropolis? Transport yourself for instance to London thanks to a wall mural. Once again choose the wall colour in conformity with the content of the wall mural. If you are not into cities, you can choose some geometrical pattern or decorate your little girl´s room with her favourite princess. If you’ll follow the rule of one room = one wall mural, you can´t make a mistake.

#Retro is not retro

To a kitchen or living room perfectly fit metal signs. Are you a coffee or hot dog lover? Do you know what is Route 66? Say it with a metal sign.  Whatever motive you choose it will look great on combination with modern furniture. You can also combine metal signs with movie or motivational posters.


So how to decorate your apartment or house? According to yourself. It is up to you whether you’ll have art photos or comic heroes hanging on your walls. The most important is for you to feel good.  And if you don’t know how to combine something remember the rule of using the same colours and themes.  The Rick and Morty poster really doesn’t fit on the company of Michelangelo. Are you still not quite sure about it? Follow our blog or Instagram and get inspired! 😊




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