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Let’s visit Batman in Gotham City!

27. 01. 2022

Who doesn’t know Batman, the protector of Gotham City. Comics, movies, games and even LEGO, those are the places you can meet our bat hero. And did you know that Batman is the third wealthiest superhero? The first place goes to Black Panther and the second to Iron Man. And if you like this hero’s lifestyle, don’t worry! To live like Batman only costs 682 450 750 dollars.

Batman’s first appearance was in 1939 and he immediately became a beloved part of DC comics. In 1940, Robin joined Batman as his trusty sidekick. And since then, comics with our hero fill up shops all around the world. First Batman movie came out in 1966 and the first actor to portray him was Adam West. First movie and he already has a lot of problems! He is confronted by four of his legendary villains – Catwoman, Penguin, Joker and Riddler. Cesar Romero, who played Joker, refused to shave his mustache for the part. The makeup artists tried to cover it the best they could but you can still clearly see it. Oh well, it kinda fits with the whole chaotic Joker personality.

In today’s day and age of social media, fans can speak up if they don’t like something. That option wasn’t really available in 1988. So what did the authors of the comics come up with? In a four part series of comics Death in the Family, they gave readers the option to decide how the story would continue. And it wasn’t just any decision, fans could have decided about Robin’s life. Over 10 000 people called the phone number, where the decision took place and only 72 votes decided over the end of Robin’s life. DC faced some backlash for killing one of the main characters. However, the story is still popular in the fanbase and in 2020, a short interactive movie Batman: Death in the Family came out. For you as the viewer, there are 7 different endings.

Over the years, Batman was played by many different actors. Well known for the role are Micheal Keaton, Ben Affleck, George Clooney or Christian Bale. And this year, they are joined by Robert Pattinson, known from Twilight, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or Tenet. Pattinson has been preparing for years for his debut in DC, the release date was delayed several times because of the pandemic. And what is he doing to prepare for the role? First and foremost, he focuses on physical training, for his superhero shape, he started doing jiu jitsu. Also to really embody the character, he read a lot of the comics, classic and modern. As Batman’s enemies, Colin Farrell and Paul Dano were cast and Zoë Kravitz will appear as Catwoman. 

Yet none of these actors can say that they played Batman the most amount of times. This title belongs to Kevin Conroy, who voiced the character over thirty times in animated movies, shows and video games. Also only one actor can say that he played both Batman and Superman. That is Ben Affleck, he portrayed both of these characters. He could do a dual role in Batman vs Superman. Batman goes through transformation in 1996 when there was a collaboration between DC and MARVEL. In this comic, Batman and Wolverine become one. This new character is called Dark Claw or Logan Wayne in his non-hero name.

The Batman is coming to theaters on March 4 2022. We are really looking forward to it. What about you?


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