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Motivate (yourself) in the office with wonderful decorations!

04. 06. 2020

The period of home office is slowly receding and it is time to return to the offices. But going back to work is not easy, because people feel so good working  at home! We will advise you on how to make the transfer from living rooms and kitchens  back to the office to people as pleasant as possible…



#Like at home

Renting and furnishing offices is not a  cheap, so we are often satisfied with a not entirely cozy environment. And that’s a shame, because the way the workspace looks has a really big impact on employees. Remember what your apartment or house looked like before you furnished it! Didn’t those empty white walls  bother you a little? We are sure that the moment you painted them in a pleasant tone and decorated them with paintings according to your taste, you started to feel really at home. And such a house or office decoration does not have to cost millions! But maybe it will bring you some… 😊



#Ask people what they like

If you decide to make your employees or colleagues happy with the new decoration, be sure to ask them what they would like. Before you all return to the office, put them a few suggestions into your  chat room . You don’t have time to look for something? Not a problem! We did it for you! We have selected the most beautiful and suitable posters and photos that your team will like. Then all you have to do is decide on which wall you will hang the pictures and in which frame you will place them!






If you don’t want to waste too much time with the vote – time is money, follow these tips when decorating:

  • Less is more – Not only for your budget it will  be better if you don’t overdo it with lots of colors and images. Especially if your office is rather smaller or full of closets.
  • Choose pleasant colors – Black and white photos are elegant, but be careful not to have the whole interior just in these colors. This can be depressing for your employees. Try to choose something in one of the pastel shades – light yellow, green, blue or cream puts people in a good mood!
  • Motivation – Do you feel that your employees lack motivation? Help them with motivational decoration! You will find the best and most motivating ones  in this collection.
    Topic – Do you own a travel agency? Motivate your employees (and customers) with decorations from beautiful travel photos from all over the world! (We can also print the ones you took!) Do you devote yourself to fashion? Then these fashion illustrations will come in handy. We offer products for almost all types of businesses! (And if we happen to miss yours, do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to advise you and compile a special collection.)




#Pleasant enviroment for relaxing

Some companies give their employees the opportunity to go to the company gym during a break, others have a chill zone with a playstation. However, both are financially and spatially demanding. Nevertheless, it is good to offer your employees some space to relax. Although you may feel that people are mainly to work in the office, keep in mind that a person is  not a machine and after a few hours of sitting at a computer they get tired and lose the ability to think. (And you definitely need their creative ideas!) Your employees will be much more efficient if you set aside at least a small corner for a moment of relaxation with coffee and a pleasant conversation with a colleague. What should be there?

  • Seating – Office chairs are usually comfortable, but not suitable for relaxation. Get at least a small sofa or beanbag in the office.
  • Natural light – If your office space allows it, place the “chill zone” in a brighter place. When you direct an employee to a windowless pantry, they may fall asleep while relaxing.
  • Puzzles – If you want your employees to train their brains even during a break, get them  puzzles to the chill zone. This activity relaxes them and, in addition, helps them restart the thinking process. We recommend taking famous paintings or cities. They will last them for a while!
  • Refreshments – The hungry brain doesn’t come up with much. If you don’t want your employees to run to your muesli bar shop at any time, equip their office with a bowl of fresh fruit. Don’t forget the fluid supply either. 😊



Whether you decide for a proper renovation or just buy a few new pictures, we are sure that your employees will appreciate your efforts. We have had a difficult time with coronavirus, but that does not mean that we still have to live in fear and in a bad mood. If you can, don’t stress your employees, and instead give them strength and motivation by showing them how much you care about them and their well-being. You will see that happy employees will work at 150% without fear!





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