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Movie Review: Avengers: Infinity War

02. 05. 2018

18 movies in 10 years. This incredible number is what the Marvel cinema franchise has been offering us. 18 movies, exploring many different phases of this universe, telling many different stories and seeing the downfall of many vilains and heroes, all leading to this. Choosing to release what is seen as the biggest Marvel movie so far, just 10 years after the beginning of the cinema franchise, one would think that it marks the end of the Marvel cinema era. We’re just out of the cinema now, and we are here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong. This, is only the beginning.

The most ambitious crossover

This formula was used to tease the movie as soon as last year by Marvel. It referred to the fact that heroes like the Guardians of the Galaxy, the original Avengers, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and many other would join up together in their fight against the biggest threat ever in the universe. A lot of people made fun of it on the internet, but I’m sure everyone is silent now. After the recent success of Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok and the second episode of the Guardians, Marvel succeeded at taking the best out of every movie to make this giant mash up. And it works so well: Star Lord’s cheeky humor mixes up perfectly with Spiderman‘s youth or Iron man‘s seriousness. It is so satisfying to see all your favorite heroes in one movie, interacting together and bringing the very best of their capacities and story lines.

 Avengers Infinity War - Thanos Poster

Non-stop action

We could point out the fact that special effects are a delight for the eyes throughout the entire movie, or that never before have we been so immersed into a fight scene. But what really got us jumping on our cinema seat and screaming and cheering during every battle is the quality of the scenario and camera work. The production crew did an amazing job, so that you can’t get bored. Fight scenes occur in every corner of the universe, the final masterpiece being of course the attack on Wakanda. Playing on some heroes personal background, like giving a new weapon to Thor or changing Hulk‘s battle shape, makes this final fight a captivating part of the movie.

Constant plot twists

If you started reading this article it means you’ve seen the movie so you’ll probably agree with us if we say that the movie writers must have seen too much Game of Thrones. What’s up with killing everyone we like!!? From the very first scene were Loki dies to end of the movie in which about all our childhood heroes simply disappear, this movie got us in a state of shock. Only now, a couple hour after the credits started rolling, can we express how unexpected and upsetting are all this events. Of course it makes up for an amazing story line. But if you remember well, we teased the death of SOME of our favorite superheroes in our article about the avengers last week… NOT ALL OF THEM!

 Avengers Infinity War - Heroes Unite Canvas Print

A couple cup of tea and a lot of talking after the movie, we can finally have a more calm opinion on it: it is amazing. Avengers movies always had this special taste to it, this very peculiar pleasure of seeing heroes teaming up to fight a villain. This one goes past this point, because despite knowing the main plot and all the heroes before the beginning of the movie, we were so surprised by the way the story evolved, it feels like discovering a brand new Marvel universe. Never before did a full year of waiting for a movie seemed so long. But for now, we believe it’s time to go back to the cinema and watch it juuuust one more time.




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