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Movie Review: Black Panther

12. 03. 2018

Sometimes some movies change the way cinema is done and seen. Less often, this movie is a Blockbuster. And even less often, this movie is a superhero movie. We probably all heard about the movie Black Panther in the past weeks, as it was expected for many different reasons. And to spoil nothing of this article, we can just say we were not disappointed in any ways.



The story

In this movie, we follow T’Challa, a character we’ve already met in the Marvel Universe, as he’s about to head back home after the events of Captain America – Civil War. His home is the mythical country of Wakanda, an African country well advanced in terms of technology and society. The Black Panther is ready to lead his homeland as the new king when he discovers that within his own people, some are plotting to take over the throne. He will have to fight against those who aim to disturb the quiet peace of his country and threaten the world as both the Black Panther and the new king of Wakanda. This story is really original and takes us deep into African culture. We were never bored through the whole movie and the set of Wakanda really gave some freshness to the entire “superhero-must-save-the-world” plot.


The Characters

Oh boy, I don’t know who was in charge of the cast for this movie but they did it well. Really well. Chadwick Boseman is once again a great T’Challa on the screen. But if there is one person that we need to take our hats off to, it’s Michael B. Jordan. So far, he might be the best supervilain in all of the marvel movies. Playing Erik Killmonger, he puts up such a perfomance that never before we had such an opposition between a superhero and his nemesis. The rest of the crew is doing an incredible job as well, but the opposition between these two really carries the movie upward.


Bluffing Visual effects

The movie is beautifully stunning. Wether it is in 2D or 3D, the visuals effects are amazing. The country of Wakanda comes alive in front of our eyes, and we have nothing to say against that. The alliance of both African Landscapes and futuristic technologies matches up perfectly for a great result. The fights scenes are also greatly produced, at least if you like explosions and combats!


This movie is also a great surprise because it shows proudly all the influence it took from African culture. When you know that, due to political reasons, the name Black Panther had to be changed for Black Leopard at one point in the comic’s history, this movie is bluntly using and playing with all the heritage and responsabilities that come with the name Black Panther. We thought it was a great use of elements of African and Afro-american culture. And the whole movie only beneficiates from this choice. No doubts that Black Panther will mark the development of Blockbusters and Superhero movies for the years to come.






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