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Movie review: Game of Thrones (the first four episodes)

17. 08. 2017

Welcome to another movie review here at Europosters. We’re going to change it a little and make it a TV series review for one of our favorites, here in our office, the Game of Thrones series. It’s going to be quite impossible for us to catch every detail of the episodes so we’re going to divide it in a review for the first four episodes and then we’re going to create a new review after the season finale. Spoiler ALERT! If you didn’t watch the first four episodes than you should click away. That being said, let’s teleport to the world of Ice and Fire and check on our favorite characters from Westeros.

Character Development

We are going to talk about some of the characters, where we saw some major changes and major developments.  Arya Stark  is the character that started the first season and she has become a very efficient assassin. We liked how she is living up to her potential by killing off the people from her list and we also liked how the environment is trying to bring her back to the light side by placing elements on her path such as the Lannister soldiers and the reunion with Nymeria. Sam is living his “dream” at the citadel and we liked how he slowly finds out that the maesters aren’t what he imagined them to be. He is slowly breaking all the rules in order to do good for the kingdom and he is slowly helping with the development of the plot (the dragon glass on Dragonstone). Littlefinger and Varys are having hard times adapting to the new world that they have helped to create, a world at war. The time of careful political manipulation and planning have come to an end and now we are in an era of war. They still have some really cool dialogues but we can see that their time is coming to an end. The hound is one of our favorites and he is slowly turning towards the Lord of light. We hope that he won’t become too fanatical about it, like the people from season 6. But if he sticks only to the visions we think that he will be ok. He also had a moment of humanization when he was taken back to an event of the previous seasons. A moment of brutality that puts in question his morality.

Call backs

During season 7 we got a lot of call back to the events that took place in the past of the series and in the books. Qyburn with his ballista is a call back to the period when the Targaryens were trying to conquer Dorne and their dragons were taken down by such weaponry. We got to see Hotpie again, whom also is helping to bring back Arya to her good old self, bringing back tales of the past. Talking about Arya, we have Nymeria, her dire wolf that is also bringing back memories of their heartbreaking farewell. We got dragon glass that is hinting to the prehistory of Westeros and a history lesson from the books is always warmly welcomed. We also got a real sample of what Robert Baratheon used to say: “never fight the Dothraki on an open field’. And that scene was a great payoff.


We have been waiting so much for the reunions that took place in this season. It almost feels too good to be true. The Stark children are finally united again. We had Arya with Nymeria that has been requested since they broke up. We also got to see Jon and Tyrion having a great moment, since they both been outcasts of their families and now they are sitting on powerful positions. The clashes between Dany and Cersei were amazing. Honestly we didn’t think that Cersei would put up a fight against the invasion but she did well and we can see a lot of her father inside her now. The way she strategized her every move and the way she took revenge on the sand snakes was top quality vengeful queen. It is nice for Dany to have a real challenge. Also, the reunion between Euron and his grandchildren was the character development that he needed. He is a sadistic, narcissistic menace that will prove to be a great challenge for both Cersei and Dany. Of course, that the greatest reunion/first encounter was Dany with Jon. They finally met and they had decent scenes. We can see some romance being set up in the episodes, although giving Jon’s heritage it might be weird for us, but… it would be normal for the Ice and Fire Universe. We are looking forward for more of these.

The road so far

The feeling given by the episodes so far, is a little mixed. Everything is being rushed and we all felt it from the magical teleportation of the characters, but in the same time, we received some good development for our secondary characters that it was mostly appreciated, we got so see a mid-season great battle (the second field of fire) and we can see that it is becoming really hard to squeeze so much story into one season. Hopefully in the next season things will take place on a slower pace. So far we are satisfied with the scenes and the characters and we’ll see you soon for the last three episodes. Until then…

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