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Part No. 2: How to make your bedroom look more cosy

15. 04. 2021

Tips for decorating the bedroom

We spend about one third of our life in the bedroom. But did you know that a lot of people don’t know how to design this room properly to make it a true oasis of peace? Since quality sleep is key to a joyful life, we have compiled this special collection for you to find suitable images and bedroom wallpapers according to Chinese Feng Shui teachings and colour psychology. We chose the most subdued shades of blue, green, pink and yellow to help you regenerate during your sleep and make your bedroom feel more comfortable. However, we also have something for lovers of classic black and white bedrooms, for whom we have chosen our most beautiful art photos!

  • Before you start choosing decorations, think carefully about the style of your bedroom which you want to decorate. Are you attracted to the cold and sharp Scandinavian, do you like warm Provence or would you maybe like your bedroom to look like it’s somewhere in the English countryside?
  • Tip: How to paint your bedroom? If your bedroom is oriented to the north, pick from warmer shades such as yellow or orange so as to brighten the room. If your bedroom is turned to the south, it has plenty of natural sunlight so you choose from cool shades like green or blue. 
  • Do you know how to design a small bedroom? Choose light shades when painting. You can also only paint one wall or place a wall mural on it. As for accessories, don’t overdo it with lots of furniture, paintings or decorations. Two paintings on one wall is enough!
  • If you are furnishing or dreaming of your dreamy bedroom now, let yourself be inspired by our carefully selected collections which suit everyone’s taste. Do you prefer a minimalist or a traditionally furnished bedroom? An ethnic or a rather romantic one? You will definitely not go wrong with the natural one.

Naturalistic bedroom
Stroll through a dense forest or take a leisurely swim in the ocean. With our posters, you can go wherever you want. And as a bonus, your bedroom will look fresher than ever!

Traditional bedroom
Are you a lover of traditional works? Decorate your bedroom with popular paintings by world-famous artists – Mucha, Gogh, Klimt and others.

Romantic bedroom
Encourage romance in the bedroom with romantic decor! Cute animals, delicate colours and floral motifs will definitely create the right atmosphere.

Ethnic bedroom
Experience the safari for yourself! Look into the faces of wildlife, get inspired by African culture and bring a little bit of that ethnic atmosphere to your bedroom.

Minimalist bedroom
Simple, sober minimalist decoration combined with light shades of colour. This style is for practical individuals who do not like to be disturbed by unnecessary things.

A small tip in conclusion: Accessories will help the wall to create the effect you want. Pillows, bedding or other home textiles complement each bedroom or living room in colour. So do you know how to best decorate your bedroom?


To the bedroom


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