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Part No. 3: How to decorate children’s room or a room for a teenager

21. 07. 2021

Tips for decorating a children’s room

Children are our joy and future. If we want them to become balanced and well-educated human beings, we must adapt their kingdom to their taste! It is not rocket science to decorate a children’s room, as your children usually tell you what they like. But if you plan to surprise your boy or girl with a great new room, you will find inspiration here! We constantly follow trends and know what decorations will make your children happy. In this collection, you will find posters from popular children’s movies and colourful pictures of animals or cheerful children’s wall murals. In short, everything your child ever wanted awaits you here!

  • The children’s room must not be boring – on the contrary, it must entertain and inspire your child to play cheerfully and also to fulfill their school duties. When painting, choose the favourite colours of your child. Don’t be limited to pink for girls and blue for boys! 
  • Besides, children will be pleased if they get a chance to stick the stickers with motifs of their favourite fairy tale characters all around the room. 
  • Is a little architect or a designer growing at your home? Perhaps, your offspring is already leaning towards pure Scandinavian style. However, do not forget to decorate the room with a bit of kids’ joy!
  • Does the room doors seem too ordinary? Decorate them! We offer a huge selection of posters and wall murals for doors. Immediately, your room will go from ordinary to extraordinary. 
  • Children are too creative and paint your walls? Get them colouring posters and they won’t feel the need of painting elsewhere.
  • Take advantage of our large selection of merchandise sheets and pillows. We bet you would like to fall asleep right next to your favourite movie hero, wouldn’t you?

Finally, once you are done with decorating the dream room for your offspring, still, your little child requires attention and fun. Put a smile on their face with plush toys or figurines of their favourite characters. Besides, the puzzle will definitely pass the time!

To the children’s room


Tips for decorating a teenager’s room

Do you have a monster called a teenager at home? We feel you! And that’s why we’ve put together a collection of posters and wall murals to please your lovely little monster. We understand their taste well! If you don’t believe that the decoration will turn out well under the direction of your teenager, you can get your inspiration here. We are sure that thanks to us you will finally be cool in their eyes for once and you will not have a heart attack every time you enter their kingdom!


  • Every teenager wants a different bedroom. That’s why we advise you to talk to them before you start decorating! Are your offspring very modern or do they rather fancy retro and vintage? 
  • Young people love posters of famous people! You may not like the tattooed person very much, but believe us, your teenage children will jump for joy if you allow them to decorate their room with posters of their popular bands or movies
  • Offspring is a collector, huh? Then there is nothing easier than to start collecting our exclusive framed posters – we have a large selection of film and game motifs.
  •  Every teenager needs motivation. Decorate their room with a little help of motivational posters! Try some of the funny ones from Finlay & Noa!


Are you looking for an accessory that not only looks good, but will be useful as well? Get a stylish map of the world for your teenager’s room!

To the teenager’s room


We hope you’re convinced now that decorating a room for children of all ages is not a difficult task to do. Yet, we’ve prepared many inspirations for you, but don’t forget to involve the children in the selection, after all it will be their kingdom. 🙂

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