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Part No. 4: Decorate your kitchen and dining room

13. 08. 2021

Make your kitchen more cozy

It’s amazing how much time we spend in the kitchen – a room where it always smells like delicious food and there is a small cloud of steam floating in the air from just brewing tea! In ancient times, the kitchen was not only used for cooking, but also for making plans, reading newspaper or playing cards. The kitchen has always been the heart of the house! And the heart deserves some proper care, so we’ve put together this collection of the most beautiful pictures and photos that will inspire you to cook healthier or simply feel more positive. You should always cook with a smile on your face!

New kitchen is a big investment, so think twice about what style you really fancy. Do you long for a retro-style kitchen like the one of your grandmother’s, or do you want a modern kitchen? There is no limit to the imagination, you can also be inspired by the countryside and get a rustic kitchen that smells of wood or maybe get inspired by the French Provence style! Explore all our kitchen styles – get inspired and create a kitchen where you want to spend long hours every day… or minutes. 🙂

Contemporary kitchen 

A mix of styles, industrial products, strong colours and geometric shapes – this is what a contemporary kitchen looks like. A place where you can work with a cup of coffee, a place where you will return to from the farm market around the corner, and finally a place where you will spend great moments with friends over a glass of a pleasantly refreshing drink. In our collection, we tried to create the atmosphere of the kitchen of your dreams. Now we will be happy to share it with you: here you will find posters, paintings and reproductions that will fit beautifully into any modern kitchen – get inspired and don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Country style kitchen 

There is nothing cosier than a classic village-style kitchen in which we would happily spend hours cooking. This kind of kitchen is awash with life and the smell of pastries, crispy baguettes and cutlery clinking. Check our home collection to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of village-style kitchens, retro designs, landscapes and France. In our offer you will find posters, paintings and decorations that will help you complement the design of your village-style kitchen and tune you into the real atmosphere of Provence.

Pastels, oil painting, very nice colours and typical figures – this is her unmistakable style of Sam Toft. Don’t hesitate – bring a unique atmosphere of life to your country style kitchen.

Art deco kitchen

People who live for art need it all around. If this is you and art deco is your favourite style, then our collection is exactly for you! The art deco style first appeared in France in the 1920s. It combines luxury and glamour with technical progress. During that time, art deco became a provocative step towards a revolution in the history of art, which is also reflected in our collection. You will find various elements and details there: typical cubist reproductions, so popular in the early stage of the era, and workpieces by representatives of suprematism combined with Art Nouveau posters. In our posters, paintings and reproductions you will certainly find all you need to create the perfect combination and a unique mix of the art deco collection.

Traditional kitchen 

A traditional kitchen is a place to go back to. The design and atmosphere often consist of things we know and love. To many people these seem familiar from popular family films or their own childhood. Many would clearly remember all of the classic paintings that accompanied their family breakfasts and different events or parties. With a little help from our collection, you can create your own traditional kitchen design – all you need is to choose from a wide range of traditional paintings something that will capture your attention and evoke the most pleasant emotions and memories and then just complement the interior of your kitchen – the room that counts the most.

Do you prefer a clean white kitchen, or do you like colourful tiles? If you don’t like tiles in the kitchen, get a stylish wall mural!

In our collection you will come across paintings for the kitchen where delicious food features in unexpected arrangements. And, we also have something for lovers of retro themes on metal signs.  So do you know how to best decorate your kitchen?


To the kitchen


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