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Prepare yourselves for november full of video games

31. 10. 2019


The month of november is always an early Christmas time for all gamers. For whatever reason (uhm…marketing?),  there is always a great amount of video games coming out in this particular month – and a lot of people are interested in them as well. Today we will present to you 5 such games coming out this year and whether you knew about them or not, maybe our information will inspire you to not only purchase these games but also decorate your gaming crib in a fitting atmosphere.



Right from the start we will mention a game that may not be a new one however it is something that a lot of players are waiting for. The game is called Red Dead Redemption 2. While the game was already released in october last year, it was only for consoles. So while the console players have been enjoying amazing graphics and a great story, PC fans only had eyes full of tears… Until now! On 5th of november there is finally a PC version coming out, which will have better graphics, new missions and support for higher resolutions. So if you have, by any chance, 3 monitors with 4K resolution and a PC stolen from a NASA center that will manage the game at highest settings, you can get yourself a nice wall mural in the style of Wild West and a suitable atmosphere will be taken care of!



On the same day as „RDR2“ is being released there is another day coming out called Planet Zoo, which is a spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2. It’s a fact, that building games are currently a bit out of touch, but perhaps thanks to the history of the series, this new addition attracts the attention of players from all around the world. Company Frontier Development have already tried to resurrect this series in 2013, when a new game with the original title of Zoo Tycoon was released for new generation consoles. All you need to know about this game however is that you couldn´t even customize the shape of walls for animals – all of them have been pre-made and all you were able to choose were sizes. It seems that the developers have learned their lesson from this and from some other details and that is probably why this game looks so promising. Whether you are a fan of the series or you are looking forward to the game just because you think that animals are cute, you will definitely feel closer to nature for example with posters of animals or flowers.



On 8th of november a game called Death Stranding is going to be released and if you’ve never heard of it (which is not surprising in „main stream“ area), we will describe the main story campaign to you just a bit. You will be walking in an open world and walking, and then you will also be walking… Wait what? Yes, even something like this can attract the attention of people, especially if your name is Hideo Kojima and the game was created by you. Hideo Kojima is famous especially for his Metal Gear Solid series and even though the initial presentation of the game appeared to be very weird (it was really just walking…) it seems that not everything is what it looks like and everybody is impatiently waiting whether the game is going to turn out to be a game of the year or not. Anyway, one of the most important facts is that the main character has a face of Norman Reedus, known especially as Daryl from The Walking Dead series. You will definitely not mess anything up with a poster of Daryl while playing Death Stranding. 😊



Alongside Death Stranding there is another game coming out on the same day – new videogame from the Need For Speed series that is called Heat. The Need For Speed series has had a very difficult last couple of years. Not only the interest for racing games is slowly dropping down, modern games never really succeeded in reaching the same amount of fame as the previous ones called Underground, Most Wanted or Carbon. The games from the series were about professional racing for a while, then about street racing, then professional again… it’s just spinning in a circle (maybe so many people are looking forward to the new addition thanks to the current success of the Fast and Furious series? 😊 ). Heat is once again set in an environment of street racing and it presents itself with modern graphics and detailed car sounds, promising story and well developed system of running away from the police. There’s going to be an amazing amount of 127 cars available in the game and some of these you can have on your walls as well, for example a nice mustang.



The icing on the cake in november is going to be a game set in the Star Wars universe with a sub-title Jedi: Fallen Order. RPG (role playing game) game of this renouned brand is something that the players have been waiting for, for pretty much the last ten years – back then a game called Force Unleashed was released and it was accepted by the fans very positively (after that the game had a not so great sequel…). From the third person view we will take control of a young padawan called Cal Kestis, who is trying to escape from the Galactic Empire after the Order 66 command which took place in the third episode of the saga. Not only there’s a well made combat system waiting for us (sometimes even compared to Dark Souls), but also some light and dark choices and a heroic story inspired by the Star Wars movies. For example there’s going to be a cameo by a movie character that was portrayed by Forest Whitaker in the movie Rogue One – Saw Gerrera. Whether you personally incline towards light or dark side of the force, you will definitely be drawn into this intense story with the help of our Star Wars posters or mugs.





Former gamer and a recovering World of Warcraft/Overwatch addict, fan of dark movie characters and historical TV shows.

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