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Tips & tricks: How to feel good while working from home

26. 03. 2020

Recent researches say that people who work from home work better on average and up to three hours longer than they would have to. Perhaps it is because they are so focused on their work that they forget about time, or are not distracted by taking coffee and cigarettes with colleagues. But maybe it’s just that they just feel good at home and that inspires them to do better! However, if you have problems with your home office, it might be helpful to adjust your environment and habits a bit. Here are tips and tricks on how to do it! Your boss will surely reward you not only with a smile! 😊




Start with yourself

In Theory, working from home sounds  great – you can get up whenever you want, you don’t have to wash your hair every day and you don’t have to worry about how you look at work. In addition, you can work out or relax for a while with your favorite  Tv series. But in fact, this relaxed mode can start killing you after a while.

To make your work from home effective and feel good, follow these steps:

  • Always wake up at the same time (It does not  matter if you wake up little later than you would normally do, you have more time since you don’t have to commute.)
  • Dress nicely, comb your hair  and put on some  make-up if you are a woman and feel unwell without it. It is not neccessary to get  in a tight costume, but tracksuit and oversized t-shirt will not help your psyche much . Keep thce for the weekend! When you  will take care of yourself , you will  feel better and you won’t be shocked if your boss or colleagues surprise you with a video call 😊
  • Relax before starting with work– play with your pet or offspring, joke with your partner, practice yoga or have a relaxing weekend-like  breakfast. You don’t normally work right after you get out of bed! Your brain needs a moment of relaxation to start.
  • Determine a comfortable working place – not everyone is lucky enough to have their own office at home, but for a comfortable home office you will only need a small corner for yourself. If you don’t even have a decent work desk, you’ll have to make do with the dining table, even if it’s not perfect. We definitely do not recommend staying in bed or couch all day!
  • Determine your working hours – one of the reasons people work more at home is because they don’t set clear rules. If you just get up in the morning and sit down at the computer, it may happen that you will not wake up from a working trance until the evening, hungry, pale and broken from sitting all day. And that’s not healthy!
  • Take breaks – In a time of coronavirus pandemic, not everybody has a chance to go out for a walk, but if you have at least a terrace or balcony, get some fresh air about every two hours. If walking outside is not possible, open a window and stretch yourself for a moment. If you’re worried about losing time, set up a counter on your computer. This allows you to measure exactly 8 hours of work and not even a minute more!
  • Do not allow yourself to watch the news – At a time when the media keeps us informed of events every 5 minutes, it’s sometimes hard to focus on something else. But for your mental health and work performance, it is much better to look at the news just  once a day. Knowing in real time how many people just died because of  coronavirus will not help you. Exactly the  opposite!



How to transform your home to a pleasant work environment

Unfortunately, not everyone has a large apartment or house to work in an absolutely quiet environment. If you have children, try to explain to them how important it is to let you focused for a few hours and assign them some tasks – they certainly have some work from school! If they are older, they can prepare lunch, clean up,… Just keep the household running. For a few hours it will entertain them, and they will  learn to be more responsible! If you live alone, be sure to keep your home tidy at regular intervals. A clean environment is inspiring and healthy! When you clean up, be sure to clean your computer keyboard and display on your mobile. Do you know how many bacteria and viruses are collected there per day?

Here are simple tips on how to have a comfortable home environment:

  • Keep your desk clean. There’s no worse thing than when your table is covered with papers, coffee mugs, chocolate wrappers, and so on! Begin each day by cleaning the table and prepare yourself jug with water and a glass. Then you won’t be going to the kitchen every 5 minutes because you’re thirsty. (Maintaining a drinking regime is very important! Did you know that if you drink water, you flush the coronavirus from your mouth to your stomach, where it  is killed by  stomach acids?)
  • Turn on pleasant music – If you’re not a big fan of absolute silence, enjoy working hours by listening to the music you love. However, we recommend something more calm, metal might distract you too much 😊
  • Decorate walls – If you still have empty walls in your work area, or you no longer like the decorations, it is  time to change it. Motivational posters with humorous writings or quotes from famous personalities will inspire you. If you prefer fine art, both the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa or the abstract art of Wassily Kandinsky will get you to work. For inspiration, visit our collection of art for your office.




What images fit in your home office?

When decorating the apartment always use what you like. Maybe you just need a little help with what and how to combine, but definitely not decorate your home with something just because people usually have it at home. But if you could really use  some inspiration and advice, then try to choose decorations that will have calming effect on you. For example, pictures of the sea, beaches, forests or mountains are great – nature will certainly have a positive effect on you! A big hit for modern homes is also graphics from the artist duo Finlay & Noa, which are simple and of great design. Some even very motivational! We can also recommend you illustrators Lena Ker and Martina Pavlova or photographs by French photographer Philippe Hugonnard. His travel collections will certainly inspire you (at least you will know where to go on vacation once again).And if you have too empty white walls at home and would like a bit of happy colors, visit the collection of contemporary artist Peter Graham.

We wish you a lot of work success at home and hope you will  enjoy your new work routine! Believe us, you won’t even want to go back to your office! 😊



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