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TOP 10 Comic Book Movies

12. 05. 2020

We are all sitting at home at the moment and you are definitely running out of ideas for new films and series to watch. And how about a comic book movie?  If you don’t know where to start, you can be inspired by our selection of the best ones. You will probably miss some of your favorite movies in our selection, but we couldn’t list them all. We have chosen the 10 best ones for us so let’s look at them together!

10. Logan

Logan is a superhero film that someone would always mention during some conversation. The film shows the finale of Wolverine’s story and the farewell of Hugh Jackman to this character, whom he played throughout the 17 years. This film, directed by James Mangold is based on Mark Millar’s comic book Old Man Logan. The plot draws us into a gloomy alternative future, in which Logan takes care of the old and sick Charles Xavier and loses his ability to regenerate.  Film critics praised both the lead actor and Patrick Stewart and others, as well as the director, the script, the effects, the action scenes and the emotional depth of the film. This film was the very first comic book movie that was nominated for an Oscar for its scenario. This film made us cry and it is slightly different than other typical superhero stories. It definitely fits into the list of the TOP 10 of comic book movies for us.


Superman is the first big movie about a superhero. The film tells a story of a legendary clumsy reporter Christopher Reeve who is in fact Superman. Compared to current comic book movies that are full of various digital effects can this movie from 1978 seems boring, uninteresting, and naive. But don’t be fooled – that’s what his strength is! This film has still in nowadays world something important to say – among other things, that the fight for justice and truth is important. In the movie appeared legends such as Marlon Brando (who played Jor-El, the biological father of Superman) or gene hackman in the skin of the supercriminal Lex Luthor. In addition, the whole story is accompanied by music by John Williams.

8. Deadpool

After the unsuccessful Green Lantern the actor Ryan Reynolds was given a second chance to play a role in the comic book movie genre. Deadpool was a prayed work he had long fought for. So much so that he gave up part of his salary to get the staff paid. The movie also got a R rating and it paid off. This funny, sarcastic and immortal hero won the hearts of the audience and the movie continued with the second part.

7. Watchmen 

The comic book Watchmen is considered to be the best comics of all time and it it was a big challenge to transfer it to the screen. This opportunity was given to the director zack Snyder (300, Man of Steel). Not many comic books are as dark as Watchmen. Although we can see 

raincoats and pastel colors in the movie, the Watchmen movie is also known for its brutal murders, rapes and wars. The main positive character in this movie is actually the villain. In contrast, superheroes in this movie are just naive idiots and wrecked men. This film holds a mirror not only up to all superheroes but most importantly to the whole society. It shows us that not all of us are holy and also that even a criminal doesn’t have to be bad to the bone. Well, a pleasure to watch!

6. Black Panther

The first black superhero movie was finally filmed in 2018. The Marvel film is about the journey of the warrior T’Chall, who, after the death of his father, King Wakanda, returns home to a hidden but technologically advanced African land to become the new rightful king. However, when a strong ancient enemy appears, the abilities of King T’Chall and Black Panther are tested.The conflict threatens not only Wakanda, but also the whole world. The character in this film is the villain Erik Killmonger. As the saying goes, a good villain is a good hero. And this is one of the few Marvel films in which the portrayal of the villain has succeeded. And who cares about the fact that the premise of this movie reminds us of the Lion King. In any case, Lion King is actually just a drawn version of Hamlet. In short, powerful stories survive in various forms.

5. Avengers 

Yeah, Infinity War got all of us and in contrast to that, End Game made us cry. However, these emotions wouldn’t be real if we didn’t know the Avengers gang and what their relationships look like. We’ve already seen before how Tony Star and Steve Rogers argue time to time and how Natasha and Hulk look at each other and how all of them cannot agree on how to save the world. The whole movie is accompanied with funny comments typical for Josh Whedon.In the beginning this movie looked like a huge finale of the first Marvel movies but finally, it was just a beginning of another big saga and the Renaissance period of the superhero genre.

4. Winter Soldier 

Anthony and Joe Russo are today important contemporaries of Marvel films. But it all started with the sequel to Captain America, which was supposed to be a humble movie to mainly fill the time between Avengers movies. Well, it didn’t go as they expected 😀.

For many comics fans is this movie their favourite one often because it does not act as a typical superhero film, but rather as a spy thriller. It is one of the most realistic MCU films and as a result, the combat choreography is more brutal and the story depends more on it. The Great actors and a plot that doesn’t move around saving the whole planet, excellent combat choreographies with a few directing ideas in the cult comics Winter Soldier by Ed Brubaker.Thanks to that, Winter Soldier has become one of the best comic book movies.

3. Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman is as equal and respected in the comics environment as Batman or Superman. The journey to her film itself took a long time, but the waiting was worth it. Wonder Woman was before a princess of Amazon called Diana who underwent a hard training that made her to be an invincible warrior. She grew up in a protected island paradise and one day some American pilot crashed on the coast of the island and began to talk about a conflict raging in the surrounding world. Diana left the safety of her home, convinced that she could stop the threat. She fighted next to strong men in a war which was supposed to finish all war conflicts in the world. During that time, Diana discovered the full potential of her skills. This movie shows an amazing clash of the fantasy world of hidden island and its pure values and ideals with the real world which undergoes the hardest period in its history. Two well-written and directed characters that represent these two worlds and their deepening mutual understanding and the inevitable affection are shown in this movie. 

Has any other comic book with such a strong fantasy background managed to set up such a mirror for our world in this way? Wonder Woman has a big heart and is smart and sexy.

2. Iron Man 

Before 2008, Marvel planned to destroy Iron Man’s character in the comics and stop releasing his stories because no one was interested in it and its sales were extremely low. But later on they found out what was going on with their favorite characters on the screen and decided to make their own film without the white collars from the studios who were destroying their characters. They didn’t have much left due to the sale of rights so they tried it with Iron man. They bet everything on him – money, name and future. And it paid off! With the face and charisma of Robert Downey, Iron Man started a sensation they never dreamed of.

1. Dark Knight 

Honestly, did you expect anything else in the first place? Dark Knight is for is definitely the best comic book movie ever made and is rightly at the top of our list. The Joker played by Health Ledger is one of the best villain in the history of comic book movie. It is publicly known what Ledger went through to portray the character of a psychopathic clown terrorizing the city of Gotham. He was unfortunately awarded for his acting only after his death, with an Oscar statue, a Golden Globe and many other awards. Christian Bale looked amazing in the costume of Batman. Fans of this genre finally got a comic book movie, where the villain and the main character are equal to each superheroes. The whole story is presented as a detective thriller. The director Christopher Nolan brought the comics genre to the top so he definitely deserves huge recognition and respect.






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