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TOP 5 fun facts from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series

16. 08. 2022

We all here can’t wait for the end of September! The official Lord of The Rings series is coming out! Let’s take a look at The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and all the fun facts!

5. Less is more…not when we talk money

Even before the filming has started, Netflix and Amazon had fought for the rights to the Tolkien’s work. It was Amazon that won, in the end, and bought the rights for 250 millions dollars. The costs for the first season will be about 500 millions dollars. Well, that is not a problem for a company like Amazon. If they wanted to produce the series just themselves, it would not be a problem at all. Jeff Bezos, the CEO and owner of the company, is worth around 160 billions dollars.

4. The War of the Rohirrim

We are more than certain that this is not the last trip to Middle-Earth as it has been announced that in 2024 an anime film is coming out. This film is supposed to be about Helm, the King of Rohan. Does it sound familiar to you? Well, it should as you certainly know it from the Battle of Helm’s Deep. The film will be produced by a Warner Bros. company and will be, along with the series, a prequel to the original trilogy.

3. No leaks out!

Amazon has implemented a lot of security measures due to the danger of an information leak. In all the rooms, where the plot of the series was discussed, were all the windows darkened and an access to the meetings resembled more an FBI headquarters. The security agents had to check the fingerprints of everyone coming in. However, it was worth it. The series remained a big secret to all the fans until the official trailer came out.

2. WANTED: Ugly people

None of us can choose what looks we get born with. Someone is a born Miss Universe, some others are more like Quasimodo. Nevertheless, this was very well used in the casting of the series, especially in the roles of the orcs. The staff was trying to save as much money as possible and makeup might be quite a big part of the expenses list. And here come the ugly people, who were put into roles of orcs. Well, at least the rejected people could be flattered as they are too pretty for orcs.

1. Who is who in the Rings of Power?

Do not expect a lot of familiar faces to see here. We can see just a few of the characters known from the original trilogy. Among them are Galadriel and Elrond, but performed by different actors than we know them as. There might be another famous character, young Aragorn, but we do not know for sure. The main antagonist, instead of Sauron, is Melkor (or Morgoth, tomayto, tomahto). So, if you did not pick a favourite character in the main trilogy, you have a great opportunity to choose from the various new faces in the Rings of Power.



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