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TOP 5 musicals for the film fans

18. 10. 2022

We are not afraid to say that most of you (along with us) are huge fans of both excellent films and great music. What if we merged film and music together? Nowadays, there aren’t only musicals about Alexander Hamilton or about the Demon Barber. We present you a brand-new genre – musicals based on favourite films. Let’s take a look at ‘the best of’ list, and you might find evening inspiration there!

  1. Back To The Future: The Musical

Who would have thought that this 1985 film will become a cult classic also in the theatre! Do not expect any big changes in the plot, however, you may fully enjoy singing Marty McFlye. Of course, Dr. Emmet Brown must not be missing with his DeLorean. If this musical tempts you, there is already its soundtrack available and you can attend the show live from 2023 on Broadway.

  1. Holy Musical B@man

All DC fans, this is exactly for you. In 2012, this tremendous Batman parody came out, premiering in Chicago, but you can find the full version on YouTube now. Do not get tricked by the name, beside Batman, there are other DC superheroes – Superman, Green Lantern, Robin. You will also see your favourite villains like the Riddler, Two Face, Mr. Freeze and Penguin. But instead of Joker, get ready for Sweet Tooth, a villain who loves the sweets and his grandiose plan is to…well, find out yourself!

  1. Frozen

The most successful Disney film is on the theatre scene as well. Let’s be honest, the authors had an easy job here as Frozen already has its songs. And the hits from the film are surely not missing here, they just added 16 new songs. But they go even further, thanks to the special effects, the creators have achieved to get the original film atmosphere. Elsa casting the stairs? Changing her dress? No problem at all, this musical has everything. The soundtrack is public but the musical is played all around the world – Hamburg, Tokyo or Australia and London.

  1. Death Note: The Musical

Finally, anime fans will be thrilled. Well, the gods of death themed musical might not have to make sense at the first sight, it has been already proved, anything is possible in Japan. And there comes the Death Note: The Musical. No main character is missing in it and yes, all of them sing, L, Ryuk, even Light. If you’d fancy such a show, you can play the original version on YouTube, either in Japanese with English subtitles or the English songs and Japanese dialogues version. Other anime musicals we recommend are Pokémon Live, Naruto and Sailor Moon. And we can’t wait for 2023 as the Attack on Titan musical will come out in Japan.

Before we move to the first place, we must do an honourable mention: Rogers: The Musical. Well, rather the Save The City song, which can be heard in the Hawkeye series. We strongly recommend to all the Marvel fans, who have not seen the series.

  1. A Very Potter Musical

A Very Potter Musical was made thanks to a few university students in 2009 but it has become viral since then. The first part was followed by A Very Potter Sequel and finally the third part A Very Potter Senior Year. The huge success is being supported by casting of Evana Lynch, played the original Luna Lovegood in the films, in the third part of the musical. If you decide to give this musical a chance, all three parts are on YouTube. Do not expect a strict narration of the J. K. Rowling’s books, but you will have an honest and long laugh for sure.

Try any of our TOP 5 musicals choices or look at our musicals category for the classic ones:



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