Video Game Review: Halo Wars 2

27. 03. 2017

Our video game review blogs are brand new, and this is our very first post! The first one in our list is the new Halo Wars 2 game, which brings the intense story of survival from the Halo Universe into the RTS (real-time strategy) genre. Sadly, the most iconic characters in history Master Chief won’t make an appearance. We hope that you’ll enjoy the thoughts we had about the game, and be careful because there’ll be a few spoilers!

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The Storyline

In the game, the player is on board the UNSC ship named Spirit Of Fire, with a team led by Captain James Cutter. This is right after the Halo 5 game when Master Chief had his… misunderstanding with Cortana . The objectives are placed into 12 separate campaign missions. The enemy is represented by the Covenant military faction, the Banished, led by a leader named Atriox. The goal of the game is to stop the enemy forces from creating destructive Halo rings.


The Characters

First, there are the Spartans who are brainwashed and lack a personality or any emotions. They’re raised to be war machines troops. Then, there’s an AI named Isabel. Her emotions, fears and hopes are pleasantly presented before the team, which makes her very human-like. She has the role of a guide during most of the campaigns. Finally, there’s the villain Atriox, who received the most character development in throughout this game. We have seen his backstory, his motives and how intimidating he can be. His incompetence as a leader makes it hard to believe that he is able to raise an army in the first place.


The gameplay is incredible. The campaign structure and storyline isn’t repetitive, which keeps it interesting. The digital effects are also well designed. Destroying Banshees and Ghosts in the game series never felt so good. One downside is that having only two factions in the game made it a bit dull. The Forerunners civilization could have been a good candidate for another faction. It has a replayability potential on multiplayer since the game mechanics are good.

Overall, the game is fun to play but it lacks some excitement in its plot elements. The company is new to the RTS universe and still has a lot to learn, but the game’s future looks promising.  The Halo Wars 2 would improve with better characters and a more interesting script. We hope you enjoyed our first Video Game Review, and if you’re a Halo fan just like us, don’t forget to…





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