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Wall Murals: How to choose and hang them

20. 07. 2021

Let’s discover the magic behind the wall murals together! Whether you seek a beautiful modern interior, or you just don’t feel like painting all the time, a wall mural is an original way how to decorate your bedroom, living room’s wall or children’s room. We bet you will find the one just for you! Choose from the thousands of motifs we offer – from popular movie titles to beautiful decorative patterns. You can choose from two different materials. Durable non-woven mural or a sticker wallpaper which you can easily peel off and stick it back as needed. Sounds good? Which one will you choose? 


Which material to choose? 

Non-woven murals 


Non-woven wallpapers are made of quality material containing reinforcing fibers. The application is easier than it would be with a normal paper wallpaper – the wallpaper is glued dry (the glue is applied to the surface only), non-woven wallpaper is also easy to remove. For printing we use the latest brand technologies and eco-friendly inks. 


Self-adhesive murals 


Sticking wallpaper to your wall has never been easier! Our self-adhesive wallpaper can be easily removed and re-glued to another location. The wallpaper can be installed to any surface – wood, plasterboard or glass, without the risk of creasing the material or air bubbles. It is suitable for apartments, offices, but also shop windows! For print we use the latest brand technologies and eco-friendly inks. 



No worries, it may sound difficult but installing a wallpaper is not a rocket science. Besides, every wall mural goes with detailed printed instructions how to hang it on the wall.   🙂


Which motif to choose? 




In this category you may encounter wallpapers with motifs of iconic saga – The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, undoubtedly, it will be appreciated by all fans of the hit inspired by the J. R. R. Tolkien trilogy. If you are keen fan of Harry Potter, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. We have prepared a countless number of motifs from a series of fantasy novels about Harry Potter. If neither of those is your cup of tea, we will win you over with our Game of Thrones wallpapers. Certainly, you will find the right one just for you! In short, in this collection of wallpapers, every fantasy fan will find theirs here. 



TV series  


Whether you’re a fan of the iconic Friends series or of the Big Bang Theory sitcom, surely, you will find what you are looking for! Every day, you will be able to recall the TV series scenes that will make your day better just by looking at the wallpaper with the motifs of your favourite actors.  




Little or big superhero, it doesn’t matter, both of them would like to have those superpowers of Batman or Superman’s strength. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange that, but we know that wallpapers with superheroes of DC comics can certainly put a smile on their face. J   



During the golden era of animated cinematography, the well-known Looney Tunes series was created. In the golden era of wallpapers, you can decorate your home with motifs of unforgettable characters of the Looney Tunes. Also, if you want to make your little-big teenager happy, spoil them with a wall mural of Rick and Morty’s characters.  


Decorative Wall Murals 


This category has loads of motifs and when we say ‘’loads of’’, we really mean loaaaaads of motifs! Various patterns, cartoon and animated motifs for children’s room, floral and motifs with nature, even cute animals! Literally, there is just no way you wouldn’t find what you’re looking for. 



If you need to visually enlarge the room, we recommend visiting the 3D wallpaper section. Where you will find not only trendy motifs of brick, stone and wooden walls, but also motifs that act plastically and hence your interior will take on a whole new appearance. 



If you know exactly which room you want to decorate with the wallpaper, don’t waste your time and visit our category – wall murals by room, where the largest selection of different motifs is already waiting for you. In this category, you will find the most beautiful wallpapers and photo wall murals for the bedroom, living rooms or children’s room. Check it out! 



So, which one will you put up? Durable non-woven wallpaper or self-adhesive mural (sticker) which can be peeled off and re-glued as needed?  🙂


„You can’t rush something you want to last forever.“


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