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Review: The Mandalorian

30. 12. 2019

Who would’ve thought, that there will come a time, when a series from the Star Wars universe is going to be more popular (and better) than the last chapter of the Skywalker saga „Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker“… However, if you think about it for a moment, it’s not such a difficult math. All you have to do is find an amazing director and creator in one person, marvelous actors, talented music composer, and creative ideas with a vision for the future. Alright, at the first glance it seems like it might be a complete nuclear science for modern Disney (especially since the show is on their own streaming channel), but opposite is the truth. In the following parts you will find out why. 😊


The Mandalorian is a series that is chronologically set between the movies „Return of the Jedi“ and „The Force Awakens“ and the main character is portrayed by Pedro Pascal (known from Game of Thrones). If your expectations were lightsaber battles and meditation about light or dark side of the force, you might be disappointed, because Pedro’s character is a bounty hunter who is a part of a guild of warriors called The Mandalorians. This specific group of people has it’s own code and way of life – Boba Fett used to be a part of them once, but sadly he did not receive his warrior’s death… Anyway, even though every chapter is pretty much a different adventure and we visit known and unknown planets, the main plot revolves around a strange parent-like relationship between the Mandalorian and „the child“ (known also as Baby Yoda). No, it’s not a spoiler, because if you’re not living under a rock, the whole internet already knows of Baby Yoda. 😊



The series is mostly directed and written by Jon Favreau, who is known as for example Happy from Iron Man movies or due to the fact he has directed the recent remake of the Lion king. There’s probably just a small amount of people who would be able to show emotions of masked character so brilliantly. You see the point is that the main character never reveals his face and of course praise goes towards Pascal as well. You can always tell what the character is thinking about or what the character feels in the exact moment. A big positive are also the supporting characters. For example droid IG-11 is voiced by Taika Waititi – director of the latest Thor movie. The music was done by Ludwig Göransson who managed to capture the sci-fi wild west atmosphere that the show has.



Regarding overall opinion on the series – the popularity might’ve been a result of each episode having a different atmosphere and a new creative view on the existing Star Wars universe. Some people might consider it to be a negative fact though, after all consistent storyline and connecting of the episodes might keep a viewer’s attention more and this „split“ attitude did not work well in the past (hello, DC Titans? 😊 ), but isn’t this the entire point of Star Wars? The original trilogy was created from short stories that George Lucas had in his mind and only later these stories were put together into a movie. Now if you add people who are not affraid to experiment and they are willing to bring something fresh to an existing lore, you get entertainment for hours and you wil rarely be bored. This is the way! Besides, every episode is only around 30 minutes long, so there is always something happening. We consider the series to be very successfull and i tis definitely worth seeing (at least for Baby Yoda). We have spoken. 😊





Former gamer and a recovering World of Warcraft/Overwatch addict, fan of dark movie characters and historical TV shows.

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