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Just Life

24. 05. 2019

Life is fascinating in its beauty and ugliness. We haven’t asked for it anyone, yet it was given to us. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe there was some reason behind. We will never know. But we all have just one so we should cherish it and enjoy every second. Even though we have some issues now. Discover life in our Art Photo collection!


There is nothing more beautiful than seeing happiness in children’s eyes. Maybe that’s the reason why we like giving them gifts for their birthday or Christmas. However, there are children who are not so lucky to have parents who can afford such gifts. Or they have no parents at all. Were they sentenced to have a life without joy? Of course not. Believe it or not, you can be still happy although life has been cruel to you. Forget about  consumerism and open your eyes. Happiness is in every moment when the sun is shining or when you are with friends. In every morning where you open your eyes and realise that you are alive.



While watching action movies, we might sometimes get the feeling that our life is too ordinary and boring. However, there is beauty in the ordinary. The Next time you will walk on the street, look around and notice the tiny details. Do you see that guys sitting on the bench? Or That old lady with a cane? Who are they and what are they going through? Perhaps their small ordinary lives are more interesting that the adventures of agent 007. Life is the best author or people’s life stories.


The world is moving constantly, both physically and metaphorically. Stop for a moment and think about what have people managed to do so far. But pay attention, there are cats and bikes that might hit you if you are not careful! Have you ever thought about how wonderful inventions they are? And what about spoon? People are amazing!


Before you fall asleep, you may be thinking about whether there is some other life in the universe or not. Are we alone? That is the question that bothers humans since the first moment we looked up the sky. Even thought we still haven’t discovered all the creatures living on our planet. On Earth, we are not alone. Have you ever thought that maybe your cat is actually an alien spy? If there is someone better at observing life than a photographer, it is definitely a cat…




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