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21. 11. 2019

Everyone loves to travel. You don’t even have to be a big adventurers to discover new places of interest around the world. Most people print their travel photo either as a poster or as an image. Or get inspired by their favorite places to go. The dream destinations are innumerable. Whether you have a place to visit in Europe or beyond, we have created travel collections for you. Perhaps you will be inspired by new corners.


Colorful Asia

Each of us thought at least once that he would like to visit a state of colorful Asia. Whether it was historic China with beautiful green rice fields and the world-famous Chinese Wall, or advanced Japan with typical dishes and Geisha, you should definitely visit it once in a lifetime or at least take one of the art photos taken by a successful artist and photographer Phillippe Hugonnard.



Travel to fantasy world

Do you ever travel the world of your imagination? There is definitely nothing wrong with that. Like the famous Italian photogram and artist Riccardo Mascia. His creations are based on his creativity and mental state. Visit the fantasy world and let your imagination work. As the author says. Everyone sees a different meaning in his photographs.


Don’t get lost

Are you passionate travelers and would like to have an interesting picture or map on your wall? If you have a white interior, it is best to pick it up with colorful accessories. Try our multi-colored design maps that look like they were painted by professional painters or design and imaginative maps that never get tired.



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